Clear-Lock Retainers for Life

Clear-Lock Retainers for Life

About the Product

Clear-Lock Retainers for Life provide a convenient lifetime replacement service for retainers. Fabricated from clear, BPA-free copolyester, these retainers are custom thermoformed for optimum fit. With each Clear-Lock retainer you prescribe, we digitally scan your patient’s models and store the 3-D digital data for 30 years. Replacement retainers can be reordered from this stored data via your faxed or emailed prescription, eliminating the need for retake impressions.

Production Time: 4 working days in-lab


  • Start with an accurate, void-free impression of both arches. Ensure no tears or bubbles are present in the impression material to guarantee precision fit. If you prefer to pour your own models, package models carefully and separate to ensure that there is no breakage during shipping.
  • Seat splint and evaluate fit and retention. If adjustments are necessary, use a carbide bur or Lisko-S disc. Polish if needed.
  • A soft toothbrush and toothpaste are recommended for cleaning the appliance. Denture cleaner also can be used, but the appliance should not remain in the solution for more than 10 minutes. Rinse with water and store dry in the provided container.

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